Monday, August 26, 2013

New, Quieter Dental Drill Reduces Anxiety of Patients

Despite the general advisory of having to visit your dentist every 6 months, how many of us actually do that religiously? For most people, a visit to the dental office is only done when there is a dental issue that needs to be taken care of (cleaning, filling, etc.); if there is no dental work to be done, then some people simply don't go the dentist for years. While most people avoid going to the dentist unless absolutely necessary, there are still people that do not have their teeth checked simply because they are afraid of dentists.

The fear of visiting the dentist is not directly caused by the dentist himself. Most people are terrified by the sound of the drill as it cleans their teeth. That horrible noise is definitely enough to get anyone's heart racing. Luckily for those suffering from this fear, dental technology has come up with a drill that is substantially less noisy than the dental drills most people are familiar with. From the videos and pictures that can be found on the Internet, you can see that those drills are also slightly smaller than the usual dental drill. In a sense, this smaller size also reduces that feeling of being invaded.

With modern medical technology advancing, it's only fair that medical technology also make advances in making the trip to the dentist less terrifying. The use of these drills would definitely lessen the uneasiness of patients.