Monday, May 25, 2015

Foods to Avoid

You have been told ever since you were a kid that sugar is not good for your teeth. But have you ever thought about dried fruits, bread, or popcorn to be somehow bad for your pearly whites? In addition to brushing and flossing twice a day, one of the great things you can do for your teeth to keep it healthy is to know what foods are good and bad for your teeth. So what foods do you need to avoid?

  1. Bread- if you didn’t know, bread contains sugar. Especially processed white breads. They are also sticky and can get between your teeth.
  2. Hard candies- they are harmful to your teeth not because there’s sugar but because you tend to hold them in your mouth longer.
  3. Apples- they are high in acid and they can be hard on your enamel.
  4. Carbonated soft drinks- a can of Pepsi or Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar while diet soft drinks are loaded with phosphoric and citric acid.
  5. Popcorn- kernels get stuck in between your teeth and if they stay in there for a long time, they can lead to infection and even an abscess,

You may not be able to avoid these foods but you should know the right thing to do to keep your teeth healthy. Timing is important in maintaining a healthy mouth. The longer you give those foods to inflict damage, the more it will be successful in doing so. Knowledge is prevention. For a complete oral health care and smile makeovers, visit Wynnewood Dental Arts.

Monday, May 18, 2015

How does Food Damage Your Teeth

Did you know that your eating habits and food choices play an important role in your oral health? The foods you choose and how often you eat them affects the health of your teeth and gums. There are healthy foods that can actually be some of the worst foods for your teeth. Foods that give you fuel for your system can be bad for your oral health because of the acid.

Acid can erode your teeth’s enamel and start to develop as cavities and tooth decay. Brushing and flossing twice a day is the basic way to keep your mouth healthy. But there are foods that can cause damage that needs thorough cleaning. There are two components that could stain your teeth: sugar and acid. Sucrose is the worst form of sugar that sticks to teeth very strongly making it hard to remove just by brushing.

Acids can be found naturally in foods, including fruit. In this case, bacteria don’t produce acid and cause tooth decay. It eats ways your teeth’s enamel and make your teeth weak to break down. You can wash away acids by simply drinking water but brushing right away after eating acidic foods can cause more damage. Wait at least an hour before you do so. Your teeth are porous, so take care of them. Visit Wynnewood Dental Arts for any smile makeovers you need.