Monday, June 22, 2015

Fear Nothing with Sedation Dentistry

How can you achieve 100% oral health when you feel afraid of the dentist? Amidst all the advanced discoveries addressed to ease the pain of dental procedures, a lot of people are still anxious to get checkups for oral health improvement. Many factors can cause this fear, such as past traumatic dental experience, the clinical environment, and even overheard stories about dental treatments.

On the other hand, medical practitioners are extending so much effort to help their patients. They want people to appreciate the value of oral health and the consequences of disregarding it. Gone are the days that we can proudly say “No pain, no gain”. The dental industry has introduced sedation dentistry.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Obviously, the primary reason to opt for sedation is to overcome fear. A stress-free operation would be favorable for both the dentist and the patient. Going through the experience without recollection of it is a side effect of sedation that patients consider a rewarding perk.

Part of the procedure involves having an increased pain threshold so that the dentists can perform the necessary procedures without pausing because the patient is experiencing discomfort. Longer procedures mean fewer appointments in the following days. While the patient is under the influence of sedatives, the dentist can do all the procedures needed, being assured that the patient is feeling relaxed. This is recommended for busy individuals who cannot find time for smile makeovers because of home and work duties.

Fewer appointments can help you save lots of money. Sedation may be a bit more costly, but having longer procedure gives dentists the chance to execute all the necessary dental work and cleaning. Thus, visiting the clinic for follow up treatments would not be necessary.

How Do I Know if I am a Candidate?

The best option you have is to consult the medical professionals. Set aside your fear and pay a visit at Wynnewood Dental Arts. Dr. DeFinnis will explain the process of sedation dentistry as well as other treatments that might suit your oral health condition. We provide quality and extensive care for our patients, making sure that they will leave our clinic with extra confidence brought by their brand new smiles.

Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Overcome Dental Fear

Many Americans neglect their oral health because of dental fear. Even some of those who visit their dentist on a regular basis still endure apprehension when facing their tooth fairies.

On the other hand, oral health issues are inevitable. So whether we want it or not, we have to consult a dental practitioner every few months. This would not be an easy ride for those who feel frightened by needles and the clinical environment.

It takes Two to Tango

Dentists encounter patients with dental phobia almost every day. This is not a unique case for them. In fact, they have developed physical and psychological techniques to comfort their patients while undergoing treatments.

  • Dentists will let you consider them as a friend • They will keep on asking you things while your mouth is widely open
  • The distraction technique which involves recreational activities while undergoing treatment
  • They offer anesthetics to keep you calm
  • Sedation dentistry for those who want a painless smile makeover

As a patient, you can figure out other ways to can manage your fear of dentists.

  • Consider talking to a dentist about your oral health condition
  • Appoint regular check-ups to diminish the uneasy feeling of dealing with medical practitioners
  • Seek information on what to expect when you have to go through a certain treatment
  • Help yourself to get rid of your fear, it’s all in the mind

Schedule a time to Talk with a Dentist

Set a schedule to consult with your dentist. Forget the fear--there’s no harm in trying! The earlier you learn about your situation, the more time you have to prepare for what is coming next. Wynnewood Dental Arts offers exclusive solutions for various cases of dental fears and anxiety. Do not hesitate to contact us and let Dr. DeFinnis explain how sedation dentistry can help you.